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14 December 2022

When Ofsted Call

Written by Katie Richardson (SCITT Trainee 2022/23) The dreaded Ofsted call. The school had been expecting it, but still the atmosphere across the school changes in an instant, and meetings are called and held at short notice. All afterschool clubs and personal plans are cancelled. Quick meeti...

3 November 2022

The Art and Necessities of Training to Teach

Written by Sharna, Biology 2022-2023    Science has been my passion and the backbone for most of my endeavours in life. So, it seemed the natural and almost inevitable next step to progress into teaching by enrolling onto the Endeavour Trust SCITT program. My first placement schoo...

25 October 2022

The first 6 weeks of Autumn term 2022 - done!

Written by Emma, Secondary D&T 2022-2023 It’s hard to believe the first half term has passed so quickly but what an exciting journey it has been! Far more highs than lows and a satisfying reassurance that I am on track with my first placement school has given me the confidence to bel...

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